conglomerator asked: YOUR BLOG IS THE BOMB

thank you!

Mike Fuentes wins the APMA for Best Drummer

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Anonymous asked: pls post more. like spam us with gifs theyre absolutely amazing

working on it today! thank you!!

Anonymous asked: can u tell me how to download photoshop please?

there are a lot of tutorial on yeahphotoshop & you can also find links to download photoshop on there!!

feel free to send in requests of what you want to see more of!!

Pierce the Veil win the APMA for Best Live Band

Anonymous asked: Are you guys still making gifs?

sorry for the lack of gifs but yes, we still will be making them!

rachellovesdrew-drew-deactivate asked: You are the Best PTV blogs ever :D

thank you! :) - sayeeda

allw3know1sfalling-deactivated2 asked: One of THE best PTV blogs on here! Keep it up!

thank you! - sayeeda